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Bulk Pickup (Printable)

Bulk Pickup for 2017

Week of March 27 – March 31 on your garbage day
Week of May 22 – 26 on your garbage day
Week of August 21 – 25 on your garbage day
Week of October 23 – 27 on your garbage day

The City of Lackawanna first bulk week of the year will be as Follows:

Appliances, spring-made furniture (couches, etc.), and large furniture will be accepted.  No contractor work (drywall, etc.) or tires will be accepted.  TV’s and all other electronics will no longer be collected with bulk or regular garbage.

New Bulk Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are in addition to the current rules and regulations located on the back of the 2014 Recycling Schedule.

1. Only 1 cubic yard of debris will be accepted.

2. Only 5 bulk items (couch, chair, mattress, dresser, etc.) will be accepted.

3. Only 3 bundles of cut wood (4 ft. and tied) will be accepted.

4. There will be no curbside pickup for televisions. An electronic drop off will take place the previous week, which will be located at the City Garage.

5. Anyone purchasing property within the City is responsible for any debris left behind by the previous homeowner.

6. No construction material (drywall, 2x4s, windows, doors, etc.) will be accepted. The homeowner, contractor, or occupant is responsible for removing the debris. In addition, no sheds or decks will be accepted. Please refer to the Sanitation Ordinance, Chapter 190-7.

The City of Lackawanna has the right to adjust and modify the rules and regulation as necessary.
Updated April 22, 2014
Anthony DeSantis
Department of Public Works