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You will need your NYS driver’s license or non-driver’s license to obtain a NYS resident license. if you have not had a hunting license within the last five years, you will not be on the NYS DEC computer system, so please bring a hunters training certificate or an old hunting license (not back tag) first time hunters, under the age of eighteen must have a birth certificate also, and all minors must have a parent to co-sign for the license.

Licenses this year will be printed on a different color stock paper. they cannot be laminated, or they will turn black, invalidating the license and you will be required to purchase a replacement license.

Applicants who purchase big game/small game, non-resident big game, non-resident bow or muzzle loading licenses and are applying for a deer management permit will be charged as $10 application fee. this fee is set by the state not by the city. deer management permits are issued by a random computer drawing and the hunter will know immediately whether he or she is successful in obtaining a permit. although some hunters may not be selected for a DMP at the point of sale, there will be an opportunity to purchase leftover DMP’s in a sale later on. the $10 application fee for a deer management permit is waived when purchasing a sportsman, super sportsman or conservation legacy license. a $10 DMP fee will be required if the hunter is only purchasing a resident small or big game, or non-resident big game license.

Land Owners

If you own 50 or more contiguous acres of land within the WMU you will be hunting in, you will receive preference on DMP selection. each year you must bring your tax map identification number and s code found on your tax bill, when you apply. lessees do not qualify as landowners. a spouse of a landowner may apply for a DMP on that land, but both husband and wife may not apply as landowners for the same parcel of land.