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City Clerk

Jeffrey P. DePasquale
714 Ridge Rd. Room 215
Lackawanna, New York 14218

Phone: (716) 827-6452
Fax:       (716) 827-6453

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 4:00

Jeffrey P. DePasquale Registrar

Colleen Mure Deputy Registrar

716-827-6431  Fax 716-827-6453

Services provided by the Clerks’ Office

The City Clerk is responsible for the recording, filing, indexing and safekeeping of all City Council meetings, certifications, ordinances, local laws and resolutions adopted by the City Council. The minutes of all boards, commissions, and  committees meetings are kept on record in the City Clerk’s Office. Dog, sporting, coin controlled, entertainment, peddlers, taxicab, business,and other various licensing is done through this office, as well as all legal notices and advertisement for bidding. The City Clerk also acts as Registrar of Vital Records for the City of Lackawanna.

RFP / Bids / Bonds / Notice

Standard Work Day for Elected & Appointed Officials   RS-2417-A Form