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Collection, review, recording, and valuing real property information from building permits, property sales, field review, and property inspections.

Building Permits

The assessor’s office receives copies of building permits from the building department on a weekly basis. The permit is recorded in our system. Progress and status is verified as of  December 1 of every year.  Any change in value due to permit is applied. Property owners will receive an assessment notice indicating any assessment change.

Property Sales

The assessor’s office receives copies of deeds from the Erie County Clerk’s office on a weekly basis.  Sales are processed in our office.  New owners are sent a sales verification form and a STAR application for applicable properties.  Property and sales data is also verified through sales listings (ML’s, field review, property inspection, etc).

Field Review

Property field reviews are conducted to verify and maintain assessment values at 100% of market value. Data is also verified and collected during these field reviews.  Data changes are updated in our system. Property owners receive an assessment notice indicating any assessment change.

Property Inspections

Property owners may request an inspection of their property.  The Assessor’s office must be invited by the property owner to inspect property. Otherwise property is reviewed from the public right of way/street.  You may request an inspection of your property at any time.

When will my newly constructed home or improvement be valued?

December 1st is our taxable status date.  Progress/status of any construction is valued as of this date.  If construction is only partial completed, a partial value will be issued.  Any partial completions are re-evaluated for the next taxable status date.

I bought my house for less than the current assessment.  Why didn’t my assessment change to the sale price?

The assessor does not automatically change an assessment to the sales price. One sale does not make the market. Assessment values are based on the market value of the property.  The property’s sale price is analyzed and compared to sales of similar properties.  If the sale price is due to physical condition(s), the assessor would require proof of such condition(s).   If the sale price is due to a sale condition, (i. e. estate sale, foreclosure, short sale, relocation, related parties), the sale price may not be a “good” sale (see glossary terms: arms length,  market value, qualified sale). These type of sales may not be used to determine the market value.

How do I know that the assessor has the correct information about my property?

Because the information about your property will be used to determine your assessment, it is in your best interest to make sure that your assessor’s data is correct for your property. You can check with your assessor’s office to receive a listing of the information pertaining to your property.