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This page was created to assist you with researching information on properties located within the City of Lackawanna in an effort to maintain equitable assessments.  Other resources available on our website are: Exemption Forms, Forms to Dispute Value, Important Assessment Dates, Recent Tax Rates, and other Links.

OnLine Property Information (Full Assessment Roll)

Division of Assessment

The Assessment Division is responsible for creating fair and equitable assessments yearly. We administer real property tax exemptions as provided by the New York State Real Property Tax Law and locally adopted laws. We educate the general public about Real Property Assessment Administration.

Current Assessment Rate

The City of Lackawanna implements an annual assessment equity program and currently assesses at 100% of full market value. If properties are fairly assessed, then taxes are fairly distributed.

Fiscal Year

8/1/2015 - 7/31/2015

Taxable Status Date

Property Assessment is based on a property's ownership and condition on this date.

Valuation Date

Property Assessment is based on a property's value on this date.

December 1, 2014

Tentative Roll

December 15, 2014

Grievance Day

January 13, 2015

Final Roll

March 1, 2015

Small Claims/Article VII (CERTS)

30 Days after Certification of Final Roll by Assessor Forms

Budget Approval

July 31, 2015

Tax Lien

August 1, 2015

Tax Levy

August 15, 2015

Disclaimer (Please Read)

The Lackawanna Assessment Office has compiled assesment data and images for the sole purposes of assessing property value for taxing purposes; it is not intended for use by others or for any other purpose except for public service. The Lackawanna Assessors Office does not accept any responsibility, financial or otherwise, from any use of this material, including loss of profit, indirect, special or consequential damages. There are no warranties expressed or implied.   The City of Lackawanna accepts no liability for the content of this assessment research tool, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of information obtained through this research tool, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing by the City of Lackawanna Assessors Office. This site contains real property data, residential and commercial parcel photographs and comparative values for use in the process of assessment review only.  The City of Lackawanna Assessors Office assessment information is updated periodically on this site.  Information will be updated as new releases are developed.  For the most recent and accurate assessment information contact the Assessment Office at 716-827-6473.

Tentative 2015/16 Assessment Roll

Final 2013/14 Assessment Roll

Final 2014/15 Assessment Roll

2014 STAR Registration Program

2014 Exemption Impact Notice


Assessment Calendar

Because of the Storm the Filing Deadline Has been Extended for All Exemptions in the City of Lackawanna Until December 5, 2014.